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Employed “ Lasoo Tuman” for a month and were pleased with him. He was honest with me.
Dated = 1882
“Lasoo Tuman” has been my boatman for the last six weeks. He seems to be a decent man and can work hard when made to. His boat is a good one and he has a four man as crew. G.H Weller, Capton Bengal lancero. 1st October 1890.
Certified that “Lasoo Tuman” has been my boatman since nineteenth June last up to date. I found him decent, kind and respectable man. He keeps his boat very clean and willing and is anxious to oblige. His boat is very comfortable and large and he keeps it very clean.…23rd July 1891.
I have found all of them most willing and anxious to do anything to help or oblige me. In their duty I found them all satisfactory and quick. I can recomment the boat and the crew to anybody who wants to be comfartible during their trip to Kashmir .... 17-10-1894.
Lasoo has been in my service for the last six months. He is a very good man and this is the 4th time I have been in Kashmir.His boat is clean and comfartible....29th September 1896.
They have again been my boatman during the whole of the past season, as I have as well been pleased with them as on the former occasions. They have a good boat and a strong crew and are satisfactory in every respect.
PHILIP LIDSELLEY, Major 15th Bengal Lancero. 21-9-1897.
Mahamdu Tuman has been my boatman this year for the third time. He is a very smart useful man. He has accompanied me on several trips, including the cave of Amarnath, Nil Nag, Riyar and Tosh Maidan, and the Lolab and Machipura (Tregam). I can recommed him in every capacity.
PHILIP LIDSELLEY, Major 15th Bengal Lancero. 10th july 1898.
Lasoo Tuman has been my boatman in 1892. He was quite the best and this year I have met him again after the absence of 8 years and find him as good as ever and more obliging as ever. Judging from what I have heard and what I have seen myself I do not consider the most eulogistic of his chits to be in any way too good for him....28-09-1900
I have had “Lasoo” boat for 5 weeks. It is a very comfortable boat and has plenty of room, as it is one of the big kind. All the chits which he has seem by no means too good for him....25-05-1903.
Lasoo and Ramzana are two very excellent men, willing and obliging. I will always be glad to employ them or get them employment. I can recommend them to anyone wanting to go for shooting, either for duck or Chakor.
J.I MACDONELL…. 03-02-1906.
I have had Lasoo houseboat for the last three months and have been quite satisfied in all respects. This is a new boat, well built, quite dry and clean. Lasoo and his crew are respectable, civil and willing lot of men.
20th July 1905.
During the last 10 days I have been on the houseboat. Lasoo has been extremely attentive. I could not wish to be more comfortable, or better looked after. I shall certainly look out for them when I next want a houseboat.
H.W YOUNG..12-09-1910.
They are really an quite accomplished family. It is with deep regret that I bid them farewell but I trust that I shall have the good fortune to meet them all again the next year or the year after....27-06-1912.
I have spent two months leave on Ahmadoo’s boat and I am well satisfied both with Ahamdoo and the boat. Ahamdoo is at all times courteous and willing and so far as he and his boat are concerned, at all times ready to make ones holiday as happy as possible. He is an excellent cook and his son Mahamdo though young is quite intelligent. Mahamdo is a good fishing shikara (Angler) knowing all the best places.... 21-06-1917.
Their boats are very comfartible & clean & all of them good workers. I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone taking a houseboat.
R. GRANT. LT. 112TH INFANTARY. 13-08-1914.
On Mascot one, in the good care of Azim Tuman and his friendly crew, I have spent 11 unforgettable days, enjoying partly the relaxing atmosphere on this comfortable lake, cozy houseboat on peaceful Nagin Lake and exploring on well guided tours. As a swiss who is also proud of her country I would like to say,”
Switzerland is beautifull – Kashmir is a paradise !
I shall come back. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this happy holiday.
Wulser Iris, Secretary to Ambassador of Switzerland. New Delhi.
“Returning after 42 years, the service and accommodation are still so very fine. John is so pleased to renew his friendship with the Tuman family who were operating the “ New Mascot in 1945”. “We enjoyed our meals so much and any request we made was taken care of—no problem!”
1987, June & John Klitgod.

“I am proud to say the Tumans are my family.”
1997, Karmele M.

Fantastic stay, good food, and personal service.”
Mr. & Mrs. Dag Larsson.
Regional Adviser, Embassy of Norway 2004